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Donate Today Because Every Child Deserves a Childhood!

Through your donation, we're able to help victims be the hero of their own story as they heal and gain hope for their future through our work!

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Help More People With Exploit No More

Daily, in Milwaukee and surrounding areas, children are being sold. Globally, trafficking is a multi-billion dollar criminal industry. One trafficker can make well over $100,000 a year by abusing and selling children for their bodies. It's happening every day in our area.

We exist to dismantle the local trafficking trade of children; boys, girls, and LGTBQ+ youth alike. When you donate to Exploit No More, you're helping us reach more people through awareness, advocacy, and aftercare.

Some of our accomplishments in 2019:

  • Reached over 1 million people with vital awareness information.
  • Assisted in meeting various basic needs for over 500 Milwaukee area individuals who are victims of trafficking or at a high risk of becoming one.
  • Spoke with lawmakers to move forward with legislation that will protect children from exploitation.

In 2020 we are positioned to help more victims than ever before as we launch The Elevated Chef (workforce development) and as we utilize the Freedom House to bring healing, restoration, and hope to victims.

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