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Become a Freedom Fighter!

For $1 a Day, Fight for Freedom With Us

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Become An Exploit No More Freedom Fighter!

Join survivors of human trafficking, mothers, fathers, daughters, brothers, business owners, law enforcement and more who are fighting to bring freedom to victims of this injustice!

Victims of trafficking are exploited every single day by their traffickers and buyers. In fact, one trafficker can make well over $100,000 a year per victim through meeting the demand of people looking to buy sex.

As we work to dismantle the local sex trade, we want to combat it every single day since victims are forced to sell their bodies every single day.

What Does This Look Like as a Freedom Fighter?

By donating $1 a day, you can help bring healing and hope to these victims! Your donation of $30 a month or $365 a year, will help us to help more people. Where we go, you go with us. Some can give more, some can give less. The goal is to have consistent monthly or yearly support because victims deserve to live in freedom.

The Impact of $30

Because of the Freedom Fighters community, we're able to provide awareness and prevention training to schools and churches through our Schools Against Trafficking and Churches Against Trafficking programs. We're able to serve the community of Milwaukee through the MKE Resource Hub which serves those affected by trafficking and at risk youth with personal care items.